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Market Access Programme

Comprehensive Market Access Programme designed to help Nigerian startups prepare and successfully reach high potential local and global markets.

The TIIC Market Access programme is an intensive 2 -3 month programme, designed to prepare Nigerian startups to successfully enter high potential local and international markets. The participating startups are supported by our team, expert mentors, and institution network in getting access to and entering the global hubs. The programme duration is extendable according to the startup’s individual needs.

TIIC Market Access


To be eligible for the TIIC Market Access Programme you will participate and complete the TIIC Incubation Programme and the TIIC Market Discovery Programme. These sessions cover the basics of participating in this programme.

Application and submission for the TIIC T2022A batch closes April 22, 2022

Note: The T2022A batch timelines are subject to change. Visit this page for updates.

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Before programme, working with our team you will prepare for your new business journey to identify your priorities, set goals, and overview of the entire programme journey.

Through in-depth and open conversations with a dedicated expert team of mentors and TIIC team members, you will receive a customized curriculum based on co-created milestones and tackle the individualized work flow based on your business’s specific needs and challenges.

We will have an onisite or virtual graduation event with your fellow participants to celebrate your achievements and grow your network of investors, mentors, and partners in the local ecosystem.

Incubatees are provided with mentoring and coaching, including assistance in business plan preparation, Business counseling, financial, legal, and advisory services. Furthermore, incubatees are provided with support in promotion and marketing.

The duration of the program is based on your individual need and progress. Together with our mentors and team, we will develop a follow-up plan to best follow your needs, help you grow further, and gain a lasting foothold in the new market.